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Sandy Webster, Executive Director

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Sandy Webster, began riding at age 4 and to this day couldn’t imagine a day without horses in it. Sandy was the first female thoroughbred jockey in Canada and rode professionally throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand. Sandy is a PATH Intl. Master Instructor, CanTRA Coach, Canadian Equestrian Federation Level 2 Eventing and Dressage Coach. She is an enthusiastic Instructor of Interactive Vaulting and Carriage Driving. She is a PATH Intl. Evaluator for the Registered, Advanced Instructor and Master Certification. She is an Accreditation Site visitor, Mentor Training and Interactive Vaulting faculty. Sandy has attended 2 Paralympics and 3 World Championships as the Canadian Paralympic Team Coach.

Sandy has a diverse background in many equestrian disciplines related to training horses, including thoroughbred racing, 3-day eventing, dressage, carriage driving, and therapeutic riding. She was the Program Director and Executive Director of CARD, an exceptional program in Toronto for over 23 years. After becoming a 2-time cancer survivor, Sandy chose to spend the past 14 years building and staffing therapeutic riding centers, mentoring instructors and consulting coast to coast in the United States and beyond. Sandy was awarded the prestigious PATH Intl. James Brady Award in 2012 for her impact on the Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy industry across North America. Sandy spent two years working with the Singapore education system to create a unique equine-based core value program for pre-teens, which successfully lowered the suicide rate by 25%. Her passion is helping the EAAT industry grow while developing best practices to change people’s lives with the help of our best friend, the horse.

Beth Wilkerson, Program Assistant (Part Time)


Beth started as a volunteer in 2019 with a vast amount of horse knowledge and life skills in the retail industry. Beth has been a great help in a multitude of ways including horse training, administration, leading and side walking for the past 3 years. Beth has accomplished the in-house PATH Intl. CTRI and ESMHL training.

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