Why Horses?

The horses 4 beat walk produces a 3-dimensional movement. While on a horse's back the movement transfers to the rider's pelvis, spine, and trunk. This movement simulates the correct walking pattern of the human gait and is used as a therapeutic modality for improving balance, coordination, and strength. Also, the human-equine environment creates an opportunity of enhanced empowerment, confidence, self-esteem and education.

Meet Our Herd


Buckskin Quarter Horse (gelding)
Everyone loves Bandit. He is our grandpa in the barn who doesn't want to retire.


Grey Appendix (mare)
Safe and steady as she goes, Lady loves the attention she receives.


Sorrel Haflinger (gelding)
Nobie is too cute for his own good, but empathic with the riders who need him.


Sorrel Haflinger (gelding)
Bud's work ethic is as solid as his stature.
Sponsored by Steve Wills DVM

Miss Sue

Grey Arabian (mare)
Beautiful and majestic in stature, Miss Sue is gentle of heart with our clients.
Sponsored by Mike and Bonnie Nance


Sorrel Haflinger (gelding)
Peanut is a former carraige driving partner with a sense of humor.
Sponsored by Dr. Kerry Paape


Bay Morgan Cross (mare)
Majestic and experienced, Silk is maternal in her ways.
Sponsored by Earl Lawson


Paint Pony (mare)
A beauty in the prime of her life, Stella is learning the lessons maturity brings.


Dark Bay Thoroughbred (gelding)
Tom is a handsome, kind, gentle giant. He loves people and is a wonderful cooperative partner.
Sponsored by Bobby and Nancee


Chestnut Pony (mare)
A foxy pony with a big personality, Pixie is just the right size and shape for our young riders who need that extra support.


Quarter Horse - Morgan Cross (gelding)
Duke is a willing and able partner for our program.


Arab - Morgan Cross (mare)
A gem of a horse, willing, tolerant with all her riders.


Fresian - Standardbred (gelding)
A good-natured gentle giant, that cares about his riders and volunteers.
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